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Types of PCOS

So you were diagnosed with PCOS, now what? Often women are diagnosed with PCOS and not told what kind they have, or what's causing it. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a a hormonal disorder that can cause inflamed ovaries and ovarian cysts. There is not one exact cause of PCOS and everyone has different symptoms. It has been categorized into 4 majors types.

  1. Insulin Resistant PCOS- This type is caused by sugar and toxins that disrupt ovulation and menstruation. The bodies cells become numb to the effect of insulin causing a condition called insulinoma. With this type try to reduce exposure to common toxins and chemicals like room sprays, scented body sprays and lotions, laundry soap, and foods with added hormones. Also try to reduce sugar and saturated fat intake.

  2. Inflammatory PCOS - This type is occurs from chronic inflammation. Poor diet and lifestyle can lead to an increase in testosterone causing inflammation. Try to eat food that reduce inflammation like ginger, turmeric, leafy green vegetables and fruits. Reduce carbohydrates, sugar, and red meat and increase exercise.

  3. Pill Induced PCOS- This type is the result of taking hormonal birth control pills. After the pill is stopped, progesterone levels increase, causing inflammation and cysts on the ovaries. This type can be remedied with time, exercise, and a low stress lifestyle.

  4. Adrenal PCOS - This type is also called Hidden PCOS. It is used as a blanket term for PCOS symptoms that don't fit into any other category. Basically it is caused by a hormonal imbalance. It can be remedied with exercise, supplements, and herbs.

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