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Mullein is an expecrtorant, it helps to clear the lungs and relieve lungs infections and coughs. Horehound is a very potent anti-inflammatory, specifically regarding respiratory inflammation. It is used to treat bronchitis, whooping cough, and asthma. It also helps with general aches and pains, specifically headaches and toothaches. Hyssop is a powerful detoxing herb, it is used to treat emphysema and purify the lungs because it is such a powerful expectorant. Not only does it clear all the gunk from your lungs, it also soothes irritated mucous membranes in the respiratory system. It can also be used to relieve anxiety and stimulate focus. Yerba santa is known for opening the lungs and loosening stuck phlegm, it is a powerful decongestant. It's leaves warm and stimulate the respiratory system; reduce inflammation in the sinuses, throat, and lungs. Coltsfoot is an expectorant, helping to free phlegm from the lungs. Skullcap has a mild calming effect when smoked that can help releive anxiety and stress. Lobelia is a traditional smoking herb used to help with asthma bronchitis and cigarette smoking cessation. Peppermint adds a delicios tatses to this blend! It improve circulaitonhelping to clear and open the lungs. 


Ingredients: Mullein, Horehound, Hyssop, Yerba Santa, Coltsfoot, Skullcap, Lobelia, Peppermint. 


- Warning, because of its powerful ability to cleanse the body, hyssop has been reported to make some people sweat as the herb initiates the body to detoxify itself through the skin.


-This statement and this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to prevent, treat or cure disease. If you are taking medications please consult your doctor.

Open Lung Smoke Blend

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