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This kit comes with everythig you need to start your own apothecary business! You will get herbs, containers, jars, recipe cards, and more to start making and selling your own remedies! 


・1 pound each of Calendula, Nettle, Lavender, and Rosehips

・8 ounces each of Peppermint, Spearmint, Red Raspberry, and Alfalfa 

・2 ounces each of Elderberries, Mugwort, Arnica, Valerian, Clove, Ginger, Cinnamon sticks, Motherwort, Rose Petals, Damiana

・8 ounces each of Beeswax, Shea and Mango Butter, Calendula and Sunflower Oil

・8 ounces of Raw Honey 

・8 ounces of vegetable glycerine 

・5salve tins 

・5 amber jars 

・5 dropper bottles 

・Recipe cards 

Herb Business Starter Pack


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